Mobility is Everything

The ability to go mobile is a growing demand in the oil & gas, construction and mining industry. We have a fleet of mobile generators, light towers and trash pumps available for sales or rent. Contact Wolverine Power Systems – Michigan’s exclusive, statewide distributor of Generac industrial generators, pumps and light towers.

Mobile Generators

These generators are designed and built to meet any conditions and extreme challenges. Whatever your needs, you can be sure the power is ready to meet demand where and when you need it.

Mobile Light Towers

Mobile light towers are built and designed for the most extreme environments, from deserts to the frozen tundra. The light tower offers complete flexibility with 360 degree rotation. The four 1,000 watt metal halide lights will fully illuminate up to seven acres.

Mobile Pumps

These mobile pump units offer a varitey of diesel trash pumps that are maneuverable and portable, designed and built for the most demanding environments. The wet-priming centrifugal pump is capable of handling up to 3 inch diameter solids and flow capacities up to 1720 gpm. A 110 gallon fuel capacity for more than 24 hours run time. The trailer is easily detachable on most models, allowing for skid configurations for a variety of applications.