Generac Certified Field Service Training

Eligible technicians can complete Generac certified field training classes offered at Wolverine Power Systems Training Center in Zeeland, MI. Factory trained and certified instructors will expertly guide you through classroom and lab sessions. Our training facility is modern and up-to-date for a comfortable learning environment.

Air Cooled

3-day course
Allows a technician (who is assigned to an appropriate service dealer) to perform warranty repairs on all air-cooled products (OPE and HSB).

Covers: Basic Electrical and generator theory, operation of generator controls, fuel systems, air cooled engines, using schematics and wiring diagrams.

  • Approximately 6 hrs. in classroom and 18 hrs. in lab
  • Nightly assignments

Cost: $650

Protector Series

4-day course  –  Must pass Air Cooled class to attend
Teaches the Evolution/Nexus controlled liquid cooled Res/Com product
Allows a technician (who is assigned to an appropriate service dealer) to perform warrant repairs on Residential, Commercial, and Protector Series Gaseous and Diesel product.

Covers: Single phase generator theory, voltage regulation, fuel and ignition systems, Nexus control panels, Protector series units, Evolution control panels, and RTS transfer switches.

  • Nightly assignments

Cost: $950

Res / Com Update

3-day course  –  Must pass any previous commercial or Protector Series to attend
This class updates the experienced commercial technician on the operation and troubleshooting procedures on the new product

Covers: both air cooled and protector series classes

New product includes: Synergy, remote monitoring, load shed modules, Evolution and Nexus controlled liquid cooled, transfer switches

For More Information

Questions or for more details on generator training classes, contact Cheryl at (616) 777-5652.

Generac Professional Development Seminars

Generac’s Professional Development Seminar Series (PDSS) are great for earning additional CEU’s (Continuing Education Units). These 90-minute courses are developed for practicing Design, Sales and Consulting Engineers involved in supplying standby power to commercial, industrial, municipal, technology and health care facilities.